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STOP cramming!

  • Have you been learning a foreign language for some time now, but find that your ability to speak it does not meet your expectations?
  • Do you attend foreign language lessons at school or take classes for adults? Do you pay a lot of money for private lessons and are dissatisfied with the results?
  • Are you one of the many so-called "false beginners"?
  • Are you tired of self-proclaimed "miraculous" teaching methods that do not work?


  • Improve your vocabulary and speaking skills using carefully prepared texts covering common everyday topics, written conveniently in the first person!
  • Eliminate your hesitation to speak with the help of a comprehensive set of conversational questions, each with prompts containing frequently used colloquial phrases that will help you answer not only correctly, but with style.
  • Receive advice from an expert with 10+ years of teaching experience, who will guide you through the endless pitfalls of language learning.
Source: CollegeDegrees360 (
Source: CollegeDegrees360 (

HOW? It’s easy!

  • Download my FREE eBook, "6 Simple Steps to Effective Study of Foreign Languages." It’s loaded with essential tips for improving the efficiency of your studies, as well as proven links to high-quality educational sites. You can find it at the bottom of this page.
  • In my eBook "From Reading and Listening to Speaking," I will help you expand your vocabulary and verbal skills quickly.
  • If you want to target your conversational skills, my eBook "Conversation Prompter" is exactly what you need.
  • Both of these books are available in English - German, English - French, or English - Spanish versions.





Stop cramming! Learn languages the fun way.


my name is Jan and I am the author of this web. Just like many of you, I used to have problems learning a foreign language (in my case, English). I still remember how much time and effort it cost me – and how many mistakes I made – trying to find the best way to study, by trial and error. Today, I TEACH English, and that is why I created this website - to help those of you who want to learn foreign languages; to save you time and effort. I have written eBooks which have been helping my own students achieve better results for over ten years now, and I am now making these materials available to you, as well. I am glad to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and 10+ years of teaching experience, so that you can learn foreign languages quickly and effectively.

What are the benefits of my eBooks?


You will create a personalized system of study to maximize retention.You will learn the components of every language and what their meaning for you. You determine at what point of your study you are, where you want to be and how to get there.


You'll have at your fingertips all you need to know to efficiently review regularly, how to review effectively and how often so that your acquired knowledge is long-term.


You will receive links to proven educational websites and verified sources for listening, reading, writing and speaking, critical to improving your language skills quickly and effectively.


You will save hours of precious time that you would have spent searching for quality learning resources on the Internet, as well as the money you would have spent on expensive textbooks, language courses and private lessons. You will avoid the frustration of learning by "trial and error."


You will quickly expand your vocabulary and verbal skills with the help of carefully-structured texts containing many useful, everyday colloquial expressions and phrases.


You will develop lasting conversation skills and acquire the ability to respond to questions naturally and correctly, thanks to a ready-made set of conversation questions with helpful prompts.


Study smart, not hard!

On the web today, you can find lots of self-proclaimed "revolutionary methods" for learning foreign languages, offering language acquisition in a matter of days or weeks. The reality is that only a small percentage of particularly gifted people may be able to learn a foreign language in such a short time. Most of us need long-term, systematic study.

I am not offering you a "miracle in three days." My eBooks will make your learning faster and easier, but studying is up to you. Your success is solely dependent on your dedication, consistent effort, and the time you invest. These factors alone will determine your progress.

Most beginners and elementary-level students have problems beginning to speak. It is a natural part of the learning process. After students learn basic vocabulary and grammar, in other words, theory, they often try to move straight into practice with speaking. Problems here are usually caused by the fact that one very important step in the process of learning a foreign language is omitted: regular and sufficient input of the target language, both in spoken and written form. I cannot stress enough the vital importance of absorbing a live target language on a daily basis if you want to move on to speaking. The entire language learning process is summarized in the following major steps:

    1. Studying theory (vocabulary and basic grammar)

    2. Receiving the language
        Daily listening to simple texts: watching videos and TV news, listening to music texts, etc.
        Daily reading of simple texts: newspaper reports, stories on the Internet, books, magazines, etc.

    3. Producing the language
        Speaking using the phrases and sentences acquired from the previous listening and reading.
        Writing journals, e-mails, and statuses on social networks; texting and regular correspondence with friends from the internet, etc.

What I have learned during my 10+ years of teaching is that many problems with learning a foreign language come from ignoring this basic structure. All the above-mentioned points are equally important and none can be omitted if you want to achieve, quickly and efficiently, long-term retention of vocabulary and grammar, and the ability to speak accurately and with ease.

For example, people who refuse to learn the theory, and instead travel abroad for a few months or years, often return home equipped with a seemingly decent knowledge of a foreign language. However, they often speak with major grammatical mistakes. In other words, they do not know why they are saying what they are saying in a specific way. They lack the method.

An opposite extreme involves school students studying foreign languages in their own countries. They usually learn the theory, basic grammar and vocabulary (point 1), but often completely ignore the following step (point 2), with excuses such as a lack of time, difficulty, a lack of appropriate listening sources, etc.

It is no wonder that the next step (point 3), production of the target language (speaking and writing), becomes a problem. Of course, it is difficult to create a sentence in a foreign language only from grammatical rules and vocabulary; or even worse, to ignore a different syntax of the target language altogether and translate the sentences mechanically, word for word, like an internet auto-translator. As opposed to that, repeating phrases, utterances, and sentences that we have heard native speakers use in similar situations, during stage 2, is natural, much easier, and more effective.

That is why it is much easier and faster to learn a foreign language while staying in the target country. This is called immersion, soaking in the culture and absorbing the language during your stay through direct contact with people, listening to their speech, and imitating them. However, living abroad is not the only way to achieve this. Today, thanks to technology, you can immerse yourself in the language in the comfort of your own home. Although we don´t have the advantage of being exposed to the target language 24 hours a day, it can be absorbed through the Internet and television. Given the above-mentioned handicap, you should use this potential to its fullest if you really want to achieve noticeable results.

Well, do you recognize yourself in the previous paragraphs? Are you one of those who study only “pro forma” and who “have no time” for everyday listening to or reading of a foreign language? Do you assume that attending one conversation lesson weekly “ought to be enough”? Well, you are not alone, and it is especially important to change your approach to the study itself. Ask yourself a question:

"Why do I want to learn a foreign language? What does it give me now and what do I expect from it?"

Are you studying just because your parents or your employer insist? Or do you want to communicate with friends from abroad? Some people do it because of their hobbies (e.g., computer games, movies, sports). Whatever your motivation, it should not be the goal itself – i.e., the ability to communicate fluently. Your goal should be to enjoy the language, the culture, and the process of learning it.

Focus your daily listening and reading exercises on what you truly enjoy: your hobbies and interests. Are you interested in football? Great! Watch the latest videos from the world of football on the target language news sites, preferably several times. Then you can check out the leaderboards, and voilà!  You have achieved your daily dose of foreign language input 🙂

As I have learned over the years of my language teaching, one of the biggest problems which students often struggle with, is an insufficient input of the target language in a proper form and at a suitable level. That's exactly why I have written my eBook “From Reading and Listening to Writing”, to help learners overcome this obstacle in their way. My other eBook “Conversation Prompter” helps students further develop their speaking skills in a natural way, showing them step by step exactly HOW to begin their sentences during conversation. These two eBooks are part of my “Foreign Language Booster” package below, prepared to make your language learning faster, easier and more effective.

Foreign Language Booster pack (2 eBooks)

Click to see sample pages.

"From Reading and Listening to Speaking"

A successful eBook, proven by years of experience, focuses on expanding your vocabulary and improving your communication skills. The texts cover everyday topics. They are written in the first person, at the B1 level of CEFR (lower-intermediate to intermediate). It contains important colloquial expressions and phrases that will help you take your foreign language to a whole new level. Mirror translation. 56 pages.

Available in: English - German, English - French, or English - Spanish.

"Conversation Prompter"

Do you feel nervous and uncertain when you are expected to actually start talking in a foreign language? This eBook will rid you of uncertainty!

A set of questions and prompts for 22 topics of everyday conversation. Aimed at level B1 CEFR (lower-intermediate to intermediate), each question offers several hint options for answering. Containing important colloquial expressions and phrases that will enrich your vocabulary, it will help you improve your communication skills. Mirror translation. 61 pages.

Available in: English - German, English - French, or English - Spanish.

Click to see sample pages.

These texts are written for lower-intermediate to intermediate level language learners (B1 CEFR). They offer both common and less common topics so that you can absorb colloquial phrases and expressions used in the text and, thus, get a feel for their proper use in a natural way. The eBooks are in .pdf format, so you do not need an e-reader. To open them, use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is free to download here. In this program, you will want to take advantage of the Read Out Loud function (View - Read Out Loud) that allows you to play and listen to the highlighted text with correct pronunciation.

The package price of these two eBooks is only 12 EUR (plus VAT for EU residents). My goal is to offer high-quality study aids at a very reasonable price.

I wish you much success in learning foreign languages!


In the next step, you will select the language version: English - German, English - French, or English - Spanish. It works both ways (also for native speakers of these three languages who wish to learn English).

The package price for these two eBooks is only 12 EUR (plus VAT for EU residents).

Your satisfaction is important to me!

I believe in the quality of my products.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied:

  • Within 30 days of purchase
  • write to my e-mail address
  • kindly specify the reason for your dissatisfaction
  • I will refund your money in full
  • no questions asked.

Stop cramming! Learn languages the fun way.

So, you have read this far, like what you see but you´re still not sure whether or not to buy the FLR package? Well, I have got something to make your decision a little bit easier. Just scroll down and download my FREE eBook, "6 Simple Steps to Effective Study of Foreign Languages." It’s loaded with essential tips for improving the efficiency of your studies, as well as proven links to high-quality educational sites. If you like it - as I know you will - don´t hesitate to come back and leave a comment on my contact page.

Also, feel free to check out my Facebook page!

Have fun learning languages 🙂

Get your own copy of my FREE eBook

"6 Simple Steps to Effective Study of Foreign Languages"

  • 26 pages of useful info for all language learners
  • tips for improving the efficiency of your studies
  • find out exactly WHAT, WHEN and HOW to study
  • proven links to high-quality educational sites